Future plans

From the past 3 years, I have presented my innovative work at various national and international higher education teaching and learning conferences (HERDSA, TERNZ, National teaching forums, and huis). These conferences have given me opportunities to meet academics from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and understand different viewpoints. Attending and presenting at these conferences has informed my academic practice by making me a more reflective academic. As a result of my engagement in academic conferences focused on teaching and learning, I now have a renewed faith in the community of practice, I believe we can learn a lot from peers and can influence others professional practices by working alongside them instead of directing them. These learning have been an integral part of the way I communicate and prepare workshops for academics towards their professional growth and development.

Interplay between technological advancements and teaching & learning is an integral part of my ongoing development, during the next three years I will be focusing on the following three themes:

Theme 1 – Technology to create innovative & meaningful learning environment: My passion for using IMVs towards redesigning curriculum and creating blended teaching environments has grown exponentially. I am now in the process of working with other academics from different faculties within my university (AUT), country and internationally to share my practice and running workshops to create IMVs using accessible technologies such as smartphones, note pads, etc. I would like to continue to work in this direction by establishing global research collaborations  and exploring innovative ways to interplay with other technologies such as virtual reality, 360-degree video to teach and learn.

Theme 2 – E mentoring of academics: global citizens via the use of technology: I have been practicing E-mentoring model (DARP – Discussion, Archive, Reflect and Prepare) from past 3 years and see its potential in transforming academic mentoring process especially when ‘mentor’ and ‘mentee’ are not in same physical space and time zone. Considering the globalization in academia and international collaborations and travels, it is becoming far more common for the mentors and mentees to not be in the same locations. I am currently in the process of collaborating with a university within New Zealand (Victoria University & Massey University) and Australia (UNSW, Sydney) to work on a project exploring the potential of this model towards creating stronger academic practice and communities. I would like to bring academics from different universities together towards testing this model for creating online modules of mentoring for leadership with in and outside New Zealand universities

Theme 3 – Community of practice in technological innovation: I am new to technology-based conferences. In the next three years I would like to attend and actively participate in teaching and learning technology-based conferences such as Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) and ALT. I would like to expand my networking in these communities and work collaboratively at a global platform towards creating new knowledge in the arena of the interplay between technology and learning.